Paradigm High

Issue 9: Chaos

Junior year has arrived! Our heroes kick off the new semester by kicking the crap out of the Blue Bombers, a gang that stirred up trouble with Bombshell over the summer. The Bombers try to pull off a bank heist, using the threat of a bomb placed in a distant apartment complex to keep the heroes at bay while they make their escape. However, Spence spoofs the remote’s signal and keeps the bomb from detonating while Max and Bombshell take down Johnny Badwick.

That weekend, Spence helps his best friend Davie (a.k.a. Ironlung) replace his eternal ironlung apparatus with an internal one! The surgery goes without complication, though Spence isn’t eager to repeat being wrist-deep in someone’s chest any time soon. Later, Spence helps Davie again by getting him a slew of confidential DNA records. Davie runs a search on the information in order to discover for Scarlet who her father is – and he finds a match!

Meanwhile, Bombshell and Seraph make their relationship official, and Maximillian and Majestica do the same. Romance is in the air!

Davie brings the results of his search to school in a manilla envelope and gives it to Scarlet, who gives him a heartfelt thanks. The gravity of the situation breaks her well-practiced emotional mask, and her true self shines through, if only for a moment. Needing time alone, she ditches school and has her butler/bodyguard Jace drive her home. There, in her room, she opens the envelope and sees the face of her father – Hugh Messmann, once known as Captain Psyche! Once she collects her wits, Scarlet calls him and sets up a meeting. She has Jace drive her to his house and confronts him with the information, but he assures her that he can’t be her father! He and Scarlet’s mother were never intimate, he explains. Distraught, Scarlet tells Jace what happened. After he drops her off, Jace disappears for several hours. When he returns, he has Messmann in tow. Messmann explains that he believes he is Scarlet’s father after all. He had used his psychic powers to block that particular memory from his mind, as it was too painful to keep. Jace had convinced him to quickly get to the bottom of this mess, and a thorough search of his own mind revealed the truth. They decide to tell the rest of the Rothschild family. Scarlet’s mother, who already knew, of course, freaks out once the truth is out and kicks Messmann out of the mansion. Before departing, he tells Scarlet that he is there for her if she needs him.

At school, Scarlet is clearly disturbed by something but does not speak of it. After she gaffes in Actioneering, Mrs. Knight informs the class that the no-longer-secret Exemplar Academy and Paradigm are having a tournament in order to bolster community between the two schools! The students rush to the cafeteria to look at the brackets for the tournament, and our heroes’ first fight is against Paradigm’s Gold Team: Alphagirl, Omegaman, Eagle Eye, and Tank!

Before the school day is over, Spence gets an urgent message picked up from police radio. An unknown armed force has taken city hall, and the mayor is still captive inside! The heroes book it to downtown to find that the cops have been pushed far back from the scene. Men in dark coats have cut a circle of destruction around city hall with futuristic weapons that fire a strange blue energy. The heroes make quick work of the four outside, but just as Red is about to charge through the front door, a hulking brute explodes out of the doors and sends her bouncing back down the steps. Bombshell, noticing that the brute appears to have IVs full of a super serum juicing him up, gets angry and cuts loose with a storm of explosive blasts. The brute, sizzling, falls to the ground. The heroes enter through the gaping hole in the front of the building and battle several more energy-gun soldiers and one super-powered individual wielding the same energy with his hands. Red takes the mooks down with a super stomp that sends shrapnel everywhere, though the energy controller deftly avoids the attack. The heroes advance, and Max flings his discs with deadly accuracy, amputating both of the bad guy’s hands! Red kicks in the door to the mayor’s office, but they’re too late! The mayor is dead in his chair, and a note is pinned to his chest with a knife. The note reads, “We are the Chaos Force. We are terror. Despair, for the end has come.”

Spence goes back to grab one of the energy guns in order to analyze it, but all of the Chaos goons are gone! When he checks city hall’s camera feed, he sees a disturbing sight. The Chaos Force appeared in a flash of the blue energy when they started the assault, and a few came back, picked up their fallen comerades, and departed the same way. Spence realizes that he’s seen this kind of teleportation before – from one of his classmates, Blink! The heroes don’t know what this means or what the Chaos Force is after. Perhaps they’ll find out next time – at Paradigm High!


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