Paradigm High

Issue 13: Chaos Rising

Senior year has arrived! The students are amazed to see Spence back on his feet after his massive spinal injury earlier in the year. It appears that he and Ironlung created a brand new spine for him. It also grants him enhanced physical capabilities, which he displays when he and the other heroes battle Replica in Advanced Actioneering. Bombshell has been training brutally with her all summer, and the work has paid off. The heroes manage to take her down, thoroughly impressing their peers.

Max, jealous of all of the attention Spence is getting with his new rig, starts the rumor that Spence might be gay! The popular and beautiful Firebrand wants to know for herself, so she struts over to his table during lunch and does her best to get him to notice her curves. When Spence remains uninterested, Firebrand confirms the rumor to her friends, and soon the word spreads through the whole school! Bombshell hears about it and gives Spence a heads up. Bombshell suspects that Firebrand is the perpetrator and keeps an eye on her. Meanwhile, Spence takes the rumors in stride and doesn’t deny them to those close to him. Instead of battling them, he decides to start Paradigm High’s Gay-Straight Alliance, and Bombshell and Bridget sign up as the first members.

Later, while on patrol in New York City, the heroes hear a cry for help! A squad of armed and armored strangers is chasing down a man. The heroes intervene with extreme prejudice, knocking around the weapon-wielding foes. It turns out the men are Defenders of the Citizens’ Safety Alliance; they’ve managed to push some legislation through at the state level, allowing them to detain “hostile metahumans” in New York! Their quarry is simply a poor soul named Matt who can melt stuff, but the CSA think he’s dangerous. The heroes beat the Defenders down and send them packing, keeping Matt safe for now.

The following day, all television feeds are hacked, and Krauser appears on screen. He delivers a threat: his Chaos Force will attack Mayor Petrelli of NYC in three days! The heroes convene to make a plan. Red uses her family connections to get an appointment with the mayor the following day, and he accepts their offer of help. Spence sets to work creating a device that will hopefully prevent the Chaos Force from teleporting into the building. If it works, then the heroes might be able to fight the Chaos Force off and keep them away from the mayor. If it fails, then the enemy may succeed… They’ll battle for the life of the mayor next time – at Paradigm High!


Brianide Brianide

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