Paradigm High

Issue 14: Choices

In response to Krauser’s threat against the mayor, the heroes start plotting. Spence and Ironlung set to work on a device that might keep the Chaos Force from teleporting straight to the mayor. Meanwhile, the others talk over a loose plan for keeping the mayor safe from harm, and they also call up their allies to assist them.

The foretold day of the attack arrives. Spence transforms into Aegis and hands the mayor the anti-Chaos teleportation device, which generates a field disallowing dimensional movement. The heroes wait. Then, reports come in of attacks all around the city! The Chaos Force are trying to draw the mayor’s guard away. Aegis organizes other supers all around the city, but there just aren’t enough to cover every emergency. A subway station and hospital are unattended, so Aegis, Bombshell, Red, and Max split into two groups to tackle them both. Aegis and Bombshell (with the mayor in tow) fly to the hospital while Max and Red dash to the subway. Max and Red find that Chaos soldiers and brutes have taken over the station! They’ve taken hostages, and they’ve planted a pair of timed bombs on the tracks, with 30 seconds on the timers! As Aegis and Bombshell arrive at the hospital, they spot Chaos soldiers waiting in ambush. The pair takes them out quickly and heads deeper into the building, only to find it infested with Chaos chimeras! At the same time, Max and Red fight their way to the bombs in the subway. With no idea how to disarm them, they snap pictures with their phones and send them to Aegis, who tells them which wires to cut while trying to avoid the wicked metal claws of the chimeras. Max forms his disc into a knife to cut the wires on one bomb, then throws his other discs down the tracks to sever the wires on the other. The timers stop at 5 and 3 seconds. Yikes!

Seconds later, the power in the hospital goes out! Aegis, Bombshell, and the mayor are plunged into darkness, with a pair of chimeras still viciously attacking. Aegis scans for a breaker box and finds one a floor below, so he uses his laser sword to cut a whole in the floor. Bombshell hurls gravity at the chimeras to keep them away from the mayor while Aegis plugs into the power grid and runs another scan to track the location of the generators and the severed connection. He discovers it on the other side of the building and decides to fly around the outside to avoid the Chaos Force. Bombshell grabs the mayor and teleports out to the front of the hospital with him to escape the chimeras. Max and Red rendezvous with Bombshell as Aegis fights his way into the generator room and blows up everything and everyone in it. He has to patch up the generator to get it back online, but luckily he has Chaos power packs as an energy source. Soon, the power is back online, and Ironlung and a few others arrive on scene to finish securing the hospital and rescue endangered patients.

The heroes take the mayor back to city hall. SWAT teams still occupy the street, and everything is quiet. However, as they reach the floor where the mayor works, they’re attacked by waiting Chaos soldiers! The heroes fight back, only to find themselves assaulted by a brute, a pair of chimeras, and a pair of Chaos energy controllers! They battle viciously, wrecking the floors and destroying most of the walls in the process. A blast from a brute’s arm cannon knocks the heroes around and knocks the mayor unconscious, and the chimeras strive to finish him off, but Bombshell and Red intervene and keep him safe. The heroes turn the tide on their attackers and defeat them, saving the mayor’s life. However, they soon witness a news report, and the news is grim. The Chaos Force has launched attacks all around the world, destroying much and killing many. In addition, the Vanguard, who entered the fray to stop the attacks, have gone missing!

What will become of the world? Can the heroes stop the Chaos Force? Find out next time – at Paradigm High!


Brianide Brianide

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