Paradigm High

Issue 10: Fight

Bombshell receives an anonymous letter slipped under her door from someone who claims to be able to help her master and strengthen her powers. Mysterious…

The tournament has arrived, and our heroes are in the first round! They’re up against Gold Team, composed of Alphagirl, Omegaman, Tank, and Eagle Eye. Our heroes enter the fight (taking place in a small, artifical city) with a plan, but things change, and they have to adapt. Alphagirl and Omegaman team up on Bombshell, Red faces off with Tank, Eagle Eye launches trick arrows all around, and Max and Spence provide assistance where they can. The battle is fierce, and one by one, the enemy combatants drop. Our heroes emerge victorious, but Spence is not pleased that his allies threw away his plan, which they all agreed upon beforehand. He vents his anger on his teammates, and the whole ordeal is a big blow-up. Spence threatens to quit the team and storms off. The others find silver linings in friends and family. Max and Bombshell run off with their significant others, and Red finds her father waiting for her in the stands. Happily and awkwardly, she accompanies him for lunch.

The next day, Spence confronts Blink about his teleportation and its relation to the Chaos Force. Spence slams Blink up against a dumpster and accuses him of some kind of involvement, but Blink denies everything before teleporting away. Then Bombshell arrives to hash out her grievances with Spence, but it only turns into a shouting match. Bombshell’s words bite hard into Spence, and he warps home to get away from the hard truth.

The heroes decide that something needs to be done about Spence, so they ask Principal Dumont for help. He calls Spence into his office to speak with his teammates and dishes out some advice on how they can communicate and work together. It remains to be seen whether they can overcome their issues or not.

That weekend, the news stations are abuzz with new terrorist activity committed by the Chaos Force! More public officials have gone missing or been killed. The police are tightening security, and they are considering curfews. On top of it all, Spence’s father appears on TV as the leader of the Citizens’ Safety Association, a group that seeks to control the threat and danger of supers! What’s the CSA’s plan? Where will the Chaos Force strike next? How is Blink wrapped up in all this? Will the heroes be able to bring their team together in time for the next tournament battle? And who sent the mysterious letter to Bombshell? Maybe the heroes can find some answers soon – at Paradigm High!


Brianide Brianide

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