Paradigm High

Issue 11: Revelations

The game begins with the semifinal match of the tournament! Our heroes are battling against their close friends: Firebrand, Ironlung, Never, and Silhouette. For this match, the arena is configured into a warehouse. Never and Silhouette take to the shadows while Firebrand lobs flames from the air. Both teams fight valiantly, but first Never falls. Then Ironlung, Firebrand, and Silhouette follow.

Both Ironlung and Jace congratulate Scarlet on her victory, and it seems both boys have some kind of feelings for her. Scarlet’s father is there as well, and he takes her out for lunch. Meanwhile, Seraph has mixed news for Roxie. His team found an opening, so they’re going to get to be real superheroes. However, it’s in Chicago. Seraph promises to visit on weekends, but Bombshell fears that things are going to change. The pair heads off together to try to sort things out. They stop at Bombshell’s room so she can clean up after her rough fight, and she absentmindedly exits her bathroom wearing only a towel. Seraph, unprepared for the sight, is overtaken by his emotionally-fueled powers, and he approaches Bombshell and grips her by the shoulders. Just then, there’s a knock at the door! Bombshell tears herself away from Seraph and answers to find Spence there. Seraph shakes himself free of the episode and departs swiftly.

Spence apologizes for how he’s been acting lately, and he commends Bombshell on how she fought for the team. He also admits that he doesn’t like Juke romantically and he’s only with her because Max told him to date her. Bombshell forgives Spence and also shows him her notes she’s collected on the Chaos Force and other criminals during her vigilante runs. After that, they both depart – Spence for Juke’s, and Bombshell to find Seraph.

Spence confronts Juke and tells her the truth: he doesn’t like her, or any girl, more than a friend. He doesn’t like girls like that at all. Juke does not take the news well, and she blurts through her tears, “You’re gay?!” The venom in her voice as she says it hits Spence deeply, as though Juke is sickened by the fact. They are both broken as he leaves.

Meanwhile, Maximillian has been up to his own shenanigans. After enjoying Majestica’s “congratulations” for his big win, Max calls up Celeste, a.k.a. White Arrow, for some more action on the side. Unfortunately for him, Majestica returns to his room and finds them together! She flips out and blast Max straight through the wall. Then she hits him with another wave of light, halfway burying him in the ground, before flying off in a rage. Spence and Bombshell both see the spectacle, and Spence sticks around to help Max get back on his feet.

Bombshell tracks Seraph down to a cathedral in New York City. They both feel terrible and responsible for what happened but agree to stick it out and keep their relationship going. Seraph says that he needs to clear his head and that he’ll be gone for a few days. Then he takes off into the skies and disappears.

Max, wanting to clear his own head, starts hopping from rooftop to rooftop in town. He surprises Blue Beacon when he finds her sitting on the edge of a roof. She’s depressed about Stormcrow and Firebrand being together. Max, realizing he’s been a sleazy guy, focuses on turning over a new leaf and drops some encouragement for BB. They have a nice talk, and he agrees to cook her some delicious food.

The next day, Bombshell wakes up to find a strange note on her floor. It simply says “Meet me. Come alone. 1460 Reed St.” Bombshell ditches school and races to the address, which leads her to an old warehouse in NYC. She blasts a door open and enters, receiving an eerie reminder of the tournament fight she just won. A man greets her from the shadows, and as he steps out, she finds none other than her father, Krauser! He tells Bombshell that he designed her to be the ultimate weapon, and that it is her destiny to stand at his side. He also reveals that he is the mind behind the Chaos Force! Bombshell loses it and attacks, but Krauser is too fast! He sidesteps the blow, grabs her by the face, and slams her through several rows of shelving. He leaves her there, lying in debris, and it’s a long while before she can collect herself and return to school.

What choices will the heroes have to make? Who are they fighting in the final round of the tournament? What are the Chaos Force and the Citizens’ Safety Association going to do next? Find out next time – at Paradigm High!


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