The Red Shield

Redd Rothschild


The Red Shield takes kinetic energy and directly transfers it into endurance, vitality, and strength.


Famously known as the Red Shield. He was the first to turn super in the Rothschild line and his powers have kept him revitalized and strong even past his prime. When using his abilities he becomes an impenetrable shield and glows red with every hit he takes, growing stronger. After he went public with his super powers, sometime in the seventies, the Rothschild family became surreal, revered and powerful.
The news papers actually misnamed him Redd Adam Rothschild, despite the fact that his legal name was Adam Reed Rothschild. He married a normal human and had a daughter who inherited his gifts. As the couple grew older Adam’s wife aged at a normal rate while his improved vitality kept him looking decades younger.

Odd Fact
His house the Red Mansion, previously known as the Rothschild Estate, used to have other properties nearby, but after going public with his powers, one by one they became casualties of villainous attacks.

The Red Shield

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