Roxana "Roxy" Kaiser



Bombshell a.k.a. Roxy Kaiser (PL 10 Explosive Energy Controller/ Gravity Manipulator)

Str 2, Agl 3, Fgt 12, Awe 0, Sta 3, Dex 2, Int 0, Pre 0

Dodge 13, Parry 13, Toughness 7/5, Fortitude 10, Will 10

Attractive 2, Defensive Roll 1, Equipment 3, Evasion, Extraordinary Effort, Improved Initiative 2,

Acrobatics 2 (5), Athletics 4 (6), Deception 7 (7), Intimidation 6 (6), Perception 6 (6), Ranged Combat: Energy 8 (10), Stealth 7 (10), Vehicles 2 (4)

Motorcycle, cell phone, undercover shirt (Protection 2), Collapsible Staff (Str-based Damage 1, Feature: Collapsible)

Gravity Movement Array
• Anti-Gravity: Subtle Flight 5 • 11 point
• Gravity Warp: Accurate, Change Velocity, Increased Mass 1, Teleport 3 • 1 point
Gravity Control (array)
• Gravity Field: Damaging Move Object 10 • 30 points
• Bang Bang Baby: Ranged Multiattack Damage 10 • 1 point
• Explosive Staff: Enhanced Strength-based Damage 6, Improved Critical 4, Multiattack 8, Penetrating 6, Selective 7 • 1 point
• Gravitic Wave: Cone Area Damage 10 (force) • 1 point
• Singularity: Burst Area Damaging Move Object 10, Limited to Pulling Towards the Center of the Area • 1 point

Abilities 44 + Defense 29 + Advantages 10 + Skills 21 + Powers 46 = 150 (current)


Roxy is a complex girl, who is constantly at war with herself to be a good guy or bad guy, and often drowning in her own teenage angst. However unlike many who sit and sulk, Bombshell takes it out other ways. She tosses herself into excitement and rushes to forget about her problems, often forgetting the risk to her own personal health. These traits mixed with an argumentative, stubborn, and blunt nature make her problematic to get along with. If Bombshell doesn’t like you, she lets you know it, but she rarely goes out of her way to waste time and make someone miserable unless she really feels like they deserve it. Due to her troubled upbringing and very origins, she also has a real issue when dealing with authority figures, which doesn’t often help her reputation.

Surprisingly Roxy can be one hell of a loyal friend once someone gets past the layers of issues around her. She is someone who really just wants to have fun and wants to let go of the weight on her shoulders, but she fears the moment she does is when she’ll forget and do something that makes her like her father. Bombshell will go to extreme lengths to prove she isn’t like him, but sometimes its hard for her believe even she can be a hero.

Around people she likes to be chill and has a slight alpha, protective complex. She doesn’t often hold grudges, and always enjoys a good fight to solve her problems. This continues to cause her reputation to spiral, mixed with her current company, and seemingly revolving door of close guy friends. At the core Bombshell sadly doesn’t know how to talk and deal with people’s issues, let alone how to even face her own. She’s a good liar though and will deny she has any problems until someone can step up and prove they get her. Most often she deals with fear and anything that makes her uncomfortable with humor or she just gets angry, both pretty common responses.

As the story has unfolded, Roxana “Roxy” Kaiser, aka Bombshell, has revealed herself to be the daughter of th deceased supervillain Doctor Krauser and his serum enhanced side-kick, Anya Kaiser. Roxana’s birth intended to be a means to pass down the altered genetic traits of her father combined with her mother’s serums, to create a walking weapon, and thats Bombshell. Luckily following her father’s death and abandonment of her mother, Roxy was born in a prison, where she was shortly taken from her mother to be raised in a normal environment.

It would not be long until Roxana’s true potential started to show through and her distinct issues with authority made her problematic for any foster parent who took the girl in. She earned a reputation of being a trouble maker, from pranking students and teachers alike, acting out rebelliously against authority, getting into fights, and taking the over all image of what a person denfines as a punk. This all even before her explosive powers came into development, and only her pique physical condition left in her by the serum was evident.

Bombshell’s powers emerged like most young heroes did at puberty which led her into getting into even more trouble as she by accident would cause things to explode or utilized her powers in less then responsible ways. From one part of the east coast to another, she was moved around from home to home, until they were finally able to track her uncle Nick, better know as the reluctant hero known as Inferno. As expected the relationship was strained and awkward, Nick unaware he ever had a neice, and forced to realize sudden responsibility for another being that he never had and Bombshell having a known family member gave her a worrysome outlook of where she might have came from.

After she ended up in the care of her uncle was when the they were approached about Bombshell attending the local school for heroes, Paradigm High. With her history at normal High Schools and the option of an on-campus dorm, Inferno found it best that Bombshell attend. Of course, being a moody, misunderstood freshman girl, Bombshell intended on entering the school with a BANG!

Bombshell’s appearance over high school is always changing, just like any other student who is still trying to figure out who they are.

  • Freshman Year – Bombshell freshman year had platinum blonde hair with pink streaks that was always fauxhawked or bed-head messy. She had a single lip piercing, and tended to dress in tank tops and baggy jeans, accompanied with her over-sized leather jacket, and vicious combat boots. While at five-foot, six inches, she was skinny as a rail. Notorious for wearing boy clothing.
  • Sophomore Year – Maybe half an inch taller, with not much additional fill out, she changed little over the period. Her hair a little blonde was replaced with black streaks as opposed to pink, and she took primarily to wearing the color. While it was discovered she could clean up well, she doesn’t really make much of an adjustment until she starts wondering if she should really go out heroing looking like a train wreck.
  • Junior Year – Roxy returns at a five foot, seven inches in height, with a new eyebrow piercing and has actually filled out a little more in curves. Bombshell’s color for this year appears to be blue, and her hair at it longest is at her shoulders though it maintains a punk flair cut though often pulled back for when riding. Due to legally being able to ride her motorcycle more, and having to replace her wardrobe, she opts for tighter fitting leather outfits to avoid any pants having holes burned in them. She seems to favor the biker look as her own, seeming quite attached to a set of fingerless leather gloves and a new jacket. Funny enough her looks appears almost inspired by her uncle’s heroing days as the Inferno.

Roxy’s Crush List
Surprisingly Roxy Kaiser has a much bigger crush list then one might think. She has a potent weakness for nice guys and exceptional fighters, however she is terrible at being able to show it

  • Seraph – Boyfriend – While wanting to go to the dance as just friends, Bombshell is victim to her own nature, especially for someone who sees right through her. In junior year the two of them have solidified a relationship. Due to Seraph’s own internal struggles the relationship was moving very slow, and it was fine until new of his moving to Chicago news shook up everything. An episode spurned by an accident created a bigger rift and Seraph feeling guilty, however in attempts to hold on to their relationship the talked through it. Seraph left for a few days to talk about his powers, and discovered his holding everything back is doing more harm then good. The two are slowly pursuing a more active relationship due to Roxy not wanting to rush for the wrong reasons.
  • Stormcrow – Ex-boyfriend – Roxy liked Kieran O’Connor because he was a normal guy, however when it was revealed he had plenty of emotional issues, she could relate. Unfortunately she was never the best at handling them, and ultimately their issues clashing brought an end to their relationship. Now and days she suffers a bit of nostalgia regarding it but is more annoyed with Carmen’s seeming need to rub it in faces. After the last fight Bombshell holds immense pride that Carmen didn’t take her done and she didn’t have to deal with the Carmen’s ego more. Though now she really wonders what the heck Kieran sees in that or if he’s just dating her for a simple and shallow relationship to avoid getting hurt.
  • Omegaman – Little Crush – She’d rather go die in a fire than admit a little crush on him, but she more than enjoyed him ripping into the popular kids and tossing down his status for what he thought was right. Admittedly after being nearly choked out by him, this has dissipated a bit, yeah he’s cute, but perception change when on the other side of the field from him.

Team Standings
Roxy’s opinion on her teammates at current.

  • SpenceAfter a rough start to the year, Bombshell and Spence were on thin ice, as he questioned everyone’s commitment to the team. Angry she was being doubted Bombshell goes out of her way to prove herself and the two have finally appeared to settled the problems. Spence is a good guy with more problems then she actually thought underneath the surface. When it comes to her past she tends to confide the most in him, on their team that is, as he understands the gravity of the situation. With as of late, Bombshell is going to need his leadership, to keep from losing her head and herself in this struggle to remain a good guy.
  • Ruby ScarletSilver spoon in the mouth since birth, Bombshell has had a distaste for Scarlet since she first saw her sit with Alpha Girl. What she thought was condescending scripted remarks initially, Roxy is starting to figure is simply Red. While their status difference still stands between them, Roxy knows at least Red will always pull her weight on the team and she respects that. As of recent the two have had “girl nights” which consisted Roxy taking Red out to fight the bad guy while Red often treats stressed Roxy to real hot chocolate. There seems to be a mutual…friendship?
  • MaximillianShe tolerates him despite how much he grinds on her nerves. Their exchanges have really irked her and she finds having to work with him frustrating. However when his history was revealed she felt a hand played to lighten her judgement. His skill is impressive, however she wishes the ego would vanish, or he’d shut his mouth… whichever came first, unaware that the two have very similar habits. Like it or not she is looking forward to the next showdown with him, however until then, she keeps that knowledge to herself. Recent events with him, she’s not sure how to feel, she is a little annoyed he told Spence to go through with something he didn’t really feel… but spence is just as guilty. The girl thing… Bombshell’s staying miles out of that range.

Being a high school girl and a superhero inevitably leaves one with list of individuals that one isn’t on such good terms with. For Bombshell their are those in her social life she has been at odds or competition with. Then there are those she has sworn to take down no matter what

  • AlphagirlRivalPaige and Roxana have had beef since freshmen year. It started with Roxy deciding to start fights with Paige by blowing up her locker, then shaking and detonating a soda at the popular kids table. Since then the two have sent glares, had staredowns, and probably a few goes in Actioneering. However the following the first match at the tournament of the two seemed to have a come to terms moment. Its unclear whether the hatchet has been buried or more wait just beyond for these two girls to come to odds.
  • FirebrandRivalWhile it is not a clear if this is an actual rivalry or not, during the second tournament someone who was being so decent to her turned pretty quickly. A wicked girl and a focus on trying to take her down, Roxy is eyeing her to see if she about to step into line of people she’s ready to beat down. Unfortunately it appears to be some sort of top female around Stormcrow? She is unaware of Blue Beacon actually being the most prominent victim to this behavior, and more than anything Roxy finds it annoying. At least Paige’s rivalry was fun.
  • Dr.XYEnemyMore than anything she is loathes this man for a conversation they had while encountered in prison. The man claimed her to be destined to become just like her father, which she only now appears to realize the full extent of its meaning. The mention of him seems to be a set off for her temper.
  • KrauserEnemy/FatherBombshell for awhile thought she had finally gotten past her issues of her villain heritage, however in Revelations it is revealed her father has been alive this whole time! More so that he has been guiding events she has fought against since her Freshman year at Paradigm High. If that wasn’t cause for concern enough Krauser made his daughter very aware of her future purpose: to be at his side as his ultimate weapon. Haunted by a past she thought she’d buried, she faces that her father is the mastermind behind the Chaos Force, and she has almost played along every step of the way. Confused, angry, and even scared, this is the toughest fight Bombshell will have yet and she knows she can’t do it alone. Its clear though, Krauser must be stopped, and until he is gone everyone around her is in danger.

Roxana "Roxy" Kaiser

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