Robin the Red

Ruby Robin Rothschild


Absorbs kinetic energy and transforms it into red kinetic energy bursts or blasts.


Ruby Robin Rothschild, Ruby Scarlet’s mother and a retired superhero turned villainess.

She became a hero at eight years of age her powers manifesting far too early and overloading her system. The Red Shield took his daughter on as his sidekick Red Girl. She absorbed kinetic energy like her father, but instead of it turning into strength, she created red bursts of kinetic energy that would blast her opponents. She fought on the side of good for a while.

She turned bad and named herself Robin the Red. She actually causes a fair bit of destruction and chaos regardless of the fact she is only a teenager. Superheroes and Superhero teams try to take her down over the years, but only Captain Psyche is able to take down without a fight. His mental abilities completely undermine her kinetic abilities.

Out of the blue, Robin returns home with child and hangs up her villainess costume in order to become a civilian. A huge deal was cut with the justice department which basically had her living under permanent house arrest with her own father as her warden. Her movements limited to inside the Red Mansion with all her communications monitored, but nothing else came of her actions except her daughter, Ruby Scarlet Rothschild.

Robin basically lives like a ghost haunting the Red Mansion nearly lifeless regardless of how young she actually looks. The only time she ever even interacts with anyone in the house is when training her daughter with her father.

Robin the Red

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