Spencer Smith

Blasian Super Nerd


Spence (PL 9 Gadgeteer)
Abilities Str 0, Agl 0, Fgt 3, Awe 2, Sta 2, Dex 0, Int 12, Pre 0 * 38 points
Defense Dodge 11, Parry 11, Toughness 7/2, Fortitude 9, Will 9
Advantages Assessment, Inventor, Ranged Attack 8, Speed Inventing (Quickness 2, Limited to inventing), Well Informed
Skills Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+ 9), Expertise: Nerd Culture 6 (+ 18), Expertise: Supers 7 (+ 19), Investigation 7 (+ 19), Technology 9 (+ 21), medical 1 (+ 13)
Chameleon Suit (Array)
• Armor Mode: Protection 5 • 5 points
• Stealth Mode: Visual Concealment, Blending • 1 point
Power Pack
• Destruction Gloves – Resonate: Damage 9, Alternate Resistance: Fortitude • 18 points
• Destruction Gloves – Shatter: Weaken Toughness 9, Affects Objects Only • 1 point
• Electrokinesis: Line Area 2 Electric Damage 9, Source: Electricity • 1 point
• Teleport Rods: Teleport 12 , Extended, Extended Only, Feature 6 (Beacons), Limited: can only teleport to active beacons * 6 points + 1 point/rank • 1 point
• Magnashield: Deflect 11, Reflect, Redirect, Reduced Range: Close, Limited to Ferrous Metals • 1 point
AR Contacts: Senses – Thermal, x-ray, Computer analysis • 4 points
Hoverboard: Platform Flight 7 • 7 points
Cost Abilities 38 + Defense 34 + Advantages 12 + Powers 33 + Skills 18 = 135/135

Reggie the Robot – Minion 5
Abilities Str -4, Agl -4, Fgt 0, Awe 0, Sta -, Dex 0, Int 0, Pre 0 * 4 points
Defense Dodge 2, Parry 6, Toughness 0, Fort Immune, Will 0 * 0 points
Advantages Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Teamwork
Powers Laser – 5 – weaken toughness, affect objects only
Construct Body: Immunity: Fortitude Effects * free
Feature – Holographic projector * 1 point
Feature – Communicator * 1 point
Feature – Data Storage * 1 point
Tiny Size: Innate Permanent Shrinking 12, Normal Strength (size rank -5 (about 6 inches), + 6 active defenses, + 12 stealth) * 36 points
Hover: Flight 2; Flaw (low hover)
1337 h4x: Enhanced Technology 10 * 5 points
Sensor Array: Analytical sight 2, Infravision, Microscopic Vision 2 (cellular), Radio, Ultrahearing, Ultravision * 8 points


Spencer Winston Smith is one of the most brilliant minds of our time, and he doesn’t even know it. Spencer was a normal kid, born to a Father who is a lawyer, and a mother who is a doctor. His parents have very high standards for him. He has spent most of his childhood focusing on his studies and has little time for play, though he enjoys it when he earns it, he also enjoys being spoiled by his Nana (his father’s mother).
Spencer first discovered his power when he was tired of being beat in the Nerf wars the neighborhood kids were playing. He was always the easy target, and the first one everyone wanted to take out. No one wanted him on their team. Even his own teammates would leave him for dead, or use him as bait. Spencer was tired of this, so he took all of his Nerf guns that he had gotten from his Nana, saved up from multiple birthdays, and took apart his mother’s vacuum as well. He then made a large but lightweight Nerf gun from all of his, which fired 5 shots at once. Little did he know that the vacuum he equipped it with, was far too powerful. He ended up knocking out every kid in the neighborhood with it, when he used it, and ended up getting scared and crying after seeing what he had done. Most the kids where alright, they just work up pretty bruised. His parents looked at his device and seen what he had done. They realized something, and started arguing over it. Spencer had no idea what it was about, he had just made something cool. Later his Nana came to him and told him that he was special, that he wasn’t like the other kids, and that he had a gift. She told him that it was very important that he should only use his gift for good, and that he should use it to help people. His parents came in and had a talk with him shortly after that. He was to not take any of his inventions outside the house until he was much older.
Spencer is a pretty normal nerd. He likes Science fiction, comics and retro video games. He has a hard time focusing; most of his time in class is spent drawing designs for new things that he wants to create. Or drawing small comics that contain his favorite super heroes, the Vanguard. He is only truly focused when he is creating, and seems to instantly comprehend class, which is why he doesn’t seem to pay attention. When he returns home from school he works in his room that is also his lab. His parents have been strict on him his whole life, and when it seemed like spencer was getting depressed, his Nana suggested that they should send him to the Paradigm high school, a place that will let his abilities flourish as a super. His father had heard of the establishment, but wasn’t a huge fan. His mother however was concerned for her little boy’s well-being, and enrolled him.
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Spencer is now a Junior at Paradigm high.

Spencer Smith

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